Addressing poverty in Belgium


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Total succes of our crowdfunding. It's over now, but you can keep on supporting us of course. We are going to do great things thanks to you!

The crowdfunding

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Raised on a total of 210000 €

The impact you have

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Distributed to address precariousness

So far, for every € received since 2013, Goods to Give has redistributed €15 in non-food products


Distributing basic necessities

Dignity comes from such basic things as putting on decent shoes, washing yourself, change your baby, having your school necessities in order,… Thousands of families in Belgium are deprived of these things.
Goods to Give engages major producers and retailers to donate new non-food products of basic necessity, and distributes them to associations fighting against precariousness at a tenth of the market price. This is already working.


Why this campaign?

Scale up! With this crowdfunding, Goods to Give wants to double the volumes distributed to meet the exponential demand for aid to the most disadvantaged.
We must, amongst others, invest 100,000 euros in the development of our ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) which is the "brain" of our organisation.

It’s Good(s) to Give

How to participate?

Raise funds for Goods to Give by creating a page in just a few clicks. You can also make a (tax-deductible) donation to Goods to Give. And in any case you can tell people about us.


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The participants

“Goods to Give” deserves your attention

“Goods to Give” deserves your attention

Raised 340 €
Goal 4 000 €

Partner Testimonial

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Social grocerystore of Kiel - 2:57 min
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Yes, it works

What they say about us

«I was immediately seduced by Goods to Give. It is a bridge between the industrial world and the non-profit world. They provide a solution for the fight against precariousness and waste that is sustainable in our time. I am delighted to be able to be part of this project.»

––– M. Alexis, head of logistics at Cité Joyeuse

«Thanks to your work, we get the smiles of gratitude and that is priceless.»

––– Marie-Paule Etienne, Croix Rouge de Belgique

«Goods to Give is an ideal partner for P&G. Their transparency and dedication ensures that our products go to those who need them most.»

––– P&G Belgium

Yes, it works

Goods to give in 2019...

  • 210 000 people who received a boost
  • 339 associations that have increased their purchasing power tenfold
  • 63 companies that offered their products
  • 1 401 330 basic necessities distributed
  • 4 Mio € in market value of products distributed
  • 4 employees and 9 volunteers at work
  • 20 Mio € redistributed since the launch in 2013

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